Focusing on men’s mental health and wellness

May is mental health month and SIM's metro local public health partners released new messaging for the "Let's Talk Colorado" campaign ( ) that focuses on men, who are at high risk for untreated mental health issues and suicide. This customized messaging was prompted by the SIM-funded call-to-action report that identified a need for specific outreach to men, who are not as likely to seek the whole-person care they need. Learn more about this campaign in the latest SIM podcast: link.

Let’s Talk Colorado, which is funded by SIM, approaches stigma reduction through social norming research funded by the Colorado Health Foundation and vetted by several peer groups that included men, who—in some cases—provided different perspectives than other members of the group.

As campaign creators say, “Language needs to go beyond ‘catchy’ messages that elicit emotion and go deeper into how messages can promote (or hinder) the social change we seek.  Social and cultural norms play a key role in whether messages are heard.  Framing helps us to build public understanding about issues.”

Help spread the word about Let's Talk Colorado, which includes customized language along these lines: "You don't have to have a heart-to-heart with a man you know to stand shoulder-to-shoulder. When he seems irritable or angry or just not himself, spend some time with him. Let him know he matters."