• Federal funds support statewide efforts

    The Colorado State Innovation Model, a federally funded Governor's office initiative, is helping to bolster behavioral health awareness efforts throughout the state. 

    • Let's Talk Colorado: The goal of the Let’s Talk Colorado media campaign is to initiate an inclusive conversation about mental health and reduce stigma. Learn more by listening to this SIM podcast.
    • Man Therapy: Working aged men (25-54 years old) account for the largest number of suicide deaths in the U.S. These men are also the least likely to receive any kind of support. Man Therapy is an innovative approach to addressing this issue in Colorado, and has been a campaign years in the making. Listen to a SIM podcast to learn more.
    • Call-to-action: SIM has issued a statewide call to action to improve mental health. Read, share the report and take an active role in improving mental health in Colorado. 
    • Office of suicide prevention: Many Coloradans are surprised to learn that Colorado has one of the highest suicide rates in the country. SIM is working with the state's Office of Suicide Prevention to to help people receive the care they need and raise awareness about this critical issue. Learn more by listening to this SIM podcast


  • Be part of the solution: Improve mental health

    Be part of the solution: Improve mental health

    The Colorado State Innovation Model (SIM) has issued a statewide call to action to improve mental health. Read, share the report and take an active role in improving mental health in Colorado.

  • Why whole-person health matters

    Research has shown that providing integrated, or 'whole-person' healthcare is beneficial both to the patient as well as the provider. The Colorado State Innovation Model (SIM) is helping hundreds of primary care practices throughout the state integrate behavioral and physical healthcare and the early results speak for themselves. Listen to one patient explain how this type of care has affected her life in this episode of Innovation Insights, the SIM podcast series.


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  • Signs of success: Colorado TCPi makes progress

    Signs of success: Colorado TCPi makes progress

    There are 200 Colorado practices and 1,929 physicians participating in the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPi), a governor’s office initiative that is reporting initial success. To date, Colorado TCPi providers have saved the healthcare system approximately $36 million toward the goal to save $85.9 million. This group represents more than 26 types of specialists, including a large group of behavioral health providers. To learn more about this initiative, check out this poster from the CMS Quality Conference, visit the website and listen to this podcast with a TCPi provider. 

  • SIM supports practices along an integrated care continuum

    The primary goal of the Colorado State Innovation Model (SIM) is to move participating practices along the continuum of integrated care, which we illustrate in a graphic with data about where our first cohort of SIM practice sites (93 primary care practices and four community mental health centers) are on the spectrum. 

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Learning from SIM cohort 1

More than 80 stakeholders gathered Jan. 18 for the inaugural SIM Symposium to share ideas, identify challenges and open dialogue between insurance companies, SIM providers and practice transformation organizations that act as guides in the process. 

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