Web Portal

Do you have your Trading Partner ID (TP ID), but have not received your login information?

  • Please call 303-866-4473 (toll-free)

Have you completed the EDI enrollment but do not have your login information or TP ID?

  • Please call 1-800-237-0757 (toll-free)

Otherwise, please complete and submit the applicable EDI Enrollment Form as soon as possible.  The State will follow up on the enrollment process and send you the necessary User Names and Passwords for accessing the Colorado Medical Assistance Program Web Portal.

Web Portal User Guides

Claims Activity Tracing MMIS Provider Data Maintenance
Claims Status Inquiry PAR Status Inquiry
Code Set Maintenance PAR User Guide
Data Maintenance Professional Claims
Dental Claims Restricted Admin Role
Eligibility Trading Partner Administration
File & Reporting Service (FRS) User Profile Maintenance
Institutional Claims  
Claims Adjustments & Voids Quick Sheets and Job Guides

Types of Transactions available through the Web Portal

  • Eligibility Inquiries
  • Claim Status Inquiries
  • Batch Eligibility Inquiries
  • Claim Submissions
  • Prior Authorization Request (PAR) Status Inquiries
  • File & Report Services (FPS)
  • Retrieving reports; Provider Claims Reports, PAR Letter Reports

Enhancement Services

  • Enhanced eligibility responses - Interactive responses are enhanced to reduce redundancies in the third party liability (TPL) sections. Batch responses have also been converted to user-friendly formats similar to the interactive response.
  • Provider Specialty Lookup for referral purposes
  • Main page dashboard to display system and transaction information
  • MMIS Provider data maintenance – allowing Providers to update address, phone number, email address and other contact information
    • If you have the capability to update contact information through the Web Portal, you should do so.
    • If you are unable to update your information using the Web Portal, submit a Provider Enrollment Update Form or call Provider Services at 1-800-237-0757 for assistance.
    • Most providers are allowed to verify and change addresses, affiliations, fax number, phone number, county, publications preference, and email address.
  • Online Training
  • User & Help Guides for data entry and transaction submission
  • Claim Activity Tracing Reports – claim summary information for user-defined timeframes

Data Purging

  • Trading Partners who retain a large number of historical claims data on the Web Portal may experience slowness and should consider purging older claims from the Web Portal.
  • A Trading Partner Administrator (TPA) has the authority to purge (delete) large numbers of his/her claims and PAR transactions based on the date of submission.
    • The link for the purge service is called "Claims/PAR Purge" and is found under the Administration option on the main menu.
  • Claims and PARs that are not deleted by the TPA will automatically purge every two years based on the date of submission.
  • Note: Deleted claims do not affect claims that are successfully accepted by the MMIS.
  • For additional information, please review the online Training, User Guides, and Help Guides.