Telemedicine is not a unique service, but a means of providing selected services approved by Health First Colorado through live interactive audio and video telecommunications equipment. Telemedicine Direct Member Services can involve up to two (2) collaborating providers. The member must be present during any Telemedicine Direct Member Services collaboration between two providers where there is an “originating provider” and a “distant provider”. The provider where the member is located is the “originating site” or “originating provider”. In most cases the “distant provider” is a clinician who acts as a consultant to the member and originating provider. However, it is also acceptable for the distant provider to be the only provider involved in the service with the member being the only one present at the originating site. Providers must have special equipment to provide telemedicine services. Telemedicine does not mean visits by telephone or fax.

Who is eligible for services?

All Health First Colorado members can receive services through the use of telemedicine, whether they live in rural or urban areas. Only the Health First Colorado providers that have special telemedicine equipment can serve members through telemedicine.

How does telemedicine work?

Telemedicine services are provided “live” by audio-video communications between two providers. The distant provider is a consultant to the originating provider. Sometimes the distant provider may be the only provider involved in the visit, such as with mental health sessions. Providers such as doctors, nurse practitioners and mental health providers can provide services if they have the special equipment. If no originating provider is present during a Telemedicine Direct Member Services appointment, then the location of the originating site is at the member’s discretion and can include the member’s home. However, members can be required to choose a location suitable to delivery of telemedicine services that may include adequate lighting, and environmental noise levels suitable for easy conversation with a provider.

When is telemedicine a good option?

Telemedicine is best used for members who live in rural areas and are far away from a provider. Telemedicine gives the member access to providers including specialists. Telemedicine is not to take the place of seeing a provider in person when one is available.

What Health First Colorado services are reimbursed using telemedicine?

A list of approved services is available to providers. The services include office visits for preventive and routine medical care, psychotherapy, speech therapy, and obstetrical ultrasounds.

Does telemedicine add new services?

No. Telemedicine allows providers to provide services that are already covered by Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program). 

Where can I get more information about telemedicine?

Call or email the Health First Colorado Member Contact Center.