Special Connections

Special Connections is a program for pregnant women on Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program) who have alcohol and/or drug abuse problems. Special Connections helps women have healthier pregnancies and healthier babies by providing case management, individual and group counseling, and health education during pregnancy and up to one year after delivery. Special Connections services are in addition to the prenatal care a woman receives from her doctor or nurse-midwife.

Who Qualifies?

Women who are:

  • Eligible for Health First Colorado
  • Pregnant or within one year after delivery (Only women who were in Special Connections before they delivered are eligible for Special Connections services after they deliver) and
  • At risk of having an unhealthy pregnancy and unhealthy baby because of alcohol and/or drug abuse problems. (A risk screening is done by a Special Connections provider to see if a woman meets the risk criteria.)

​Benefits and Services

Services can be outpatient or residential depending on a woman’s level of risk. Services include:

  • Case management
  • Group health education with other pregnant women
  • Group substance abuse counseling with other pregnant women
  • In-depth risk screening
  • Individual substance abuse counseling
  • Referral to appropriate aftercare and ongoing support
  • Urine screening and monitoring

What Does It Cost?

For pregnant women who are eligible for Medicaid, the services are free.

How to Apply

You can apply for Health First Colorado online, on the phone, in person, or through the mail.

Where Do I Get These Services?

You can call the Department of Human Services' Division of Behavioral Health at 303-866-7400 or see a list of providers.

If you have more questions about this program, please contact the Health First Colorado Member Contact Center.