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The Department of Health Care Policy and Financing needs your story! If Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program) or Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) has made a positive impact on you or your family, let us write a story about you. Your story will help us educate other Coloradans about the benefits of health insurance coverage.

With your permission, the Department would like to share your story with Coloradans that may qualify for free or low cost coverage through Health First Colorado or CHP+. Also, we may ask you to use your story when talking with the media or elected officials. Remember, we will not share your story without your written permission.

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One member's story about the benefits of Health First Colorado coverage:

For years, Carole suffered from unmanaged mental illness and various preventable physical ailments that regularly caused uncontrollable pain. Instability at home often left Carole homeless or in unsafe living conditions that exacerbated her health issues, resulting in frequent trips to the emergency room. Due to her very fragile condition, she was often taken advantage of, her pain medication was frequently stolen and she was regularly physically abused.

Carole’s high number of emergency room visits, hospital stays and high costs caught the attention of case managers. She became one of the first clients enrolled in the Accountable Care Collaborative (ACC), and Carole was provided with a Care Coordinator named Cindy.

Cindy began by getting Carole’s mental health under control and properly managed. She now sees a therapist once a month to manage her medications and receives regular counseling from her primary care doctor and Cindy. Through the help of both her doctor and a home health nurse, they have successfully managed her high blood pressure and thyroid conditions.

About a year ago she was the victim of a brutal assault that left her with a severe head injury and several bone fractures requiring specialized shoulder surgery. After attending to her medical needs, Carole’s care team found affordable housing for her in a safer part town that was also close to her rehabilitation clinic. She still lives in this location and her quality of life has greatly improved.

Carole says, “Before I met Cindy, I was in a very dark, bad place. I’m happy now. Cindy is my best friend and I don’t know where I would be without her. I don’t know if I would still be alive.”