Rural Hospital and Rural Health Clinics

Rural Hospitals and Rural Health Clinic (RHC) Meetings

The next Rural Community Meeting is set for Thursday, January 9, 2020. The Rural Health Clinic portion from 12.30 pm-1.30 pm and the Rural Hospital Meeting from 2.00 pm-4.00 pm. Please sign up to receive the Rural Health Clinic and/or Rural Hospital Meeting newsletters. Two weeks prior to the meeting, a reminder email will be sent. Agendas will be posted by close of business on Monday the week of the meetings.


Webinar Room Link:

Webinar Instruction: Please sign in as a guest using first and last name. It will send a notification to us and we will grant permission to enter the Webinar room, there may be a delay of a few seconds prior to entering the room.

Conference Line:

1 669-238-0496 PIN: ‪639597#

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Rural Community 2020 Meeting Schedule 

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Rural Health Clinics (RHC)

Reasonable accommodations for the meetings will be provided upon request for persons with disabilities.  Please contact at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting if you need special arrangements.