Provider Maintenance - Provider Web Portal Quick Guide

Last updated: 10/14/2020

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Log in to the Provider Web Portal and click Provider Maintenance.

provider maintenance link on homepage

Click Provider Maintenance again.

provider maintenance link

Adding a Specialty

  1. Click the Specialty and Contact Information Changes link to add a new specialty.
    provider maintenance and specialty page
  2. Click the [+] next to "Click to add a specialty" to access the drop-down menu.
    access the specialty drop-down
  3. Select the specialty.
    specialty drop-down
  4. Add the effective and end dates. A unique taxonomy is required (Not applicable to provider types not requiring an NPI.)
    enter dates and taxonomy
  5. Click "Add" to add the specialty or "Reset" to remove the information.
    Add or Reset
  6. Confirm that the new taxonomy appears on the list.
    check if new specialty is in list. click Remove if incorrect
  7. Repeat steps 2-6 until all specialties have been added.
  8. Click "Go to Submit" at the bottom of the page. This will open the Attachments and Fees section.
    Go to Submit button
  9. Add any required attachments.
    add attachments
  10. Check the "I accept" box, enter the name of the person reporting the change, and click the Submit button.
    accept and submit

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Address Changes

Click Address Changes, then click on the + next to the address being changed.

Opt-out of Provider Directory and changing the panel can only be done in the Service Location.

address change


Edit the address information, check or uncheck the applicable checkboxes, & click Save. Providers are required to attach a  147-C form if updating a 1099 address.

editing address information

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Click Group Affiliation Changes

Note: Individuals can only be affiliated to a group, not to a facility

To add a Group affiliation, click the + next to Click to add Group Affiliation

click the plus sign


Click the magnifying glass to search for a provider Group

search tool (magnifying glass icon)


Search for the provider Group to affiliate to by NPI, Provider ID, Name, or Organization.

search button



Click on the Provider ID for the provider Group to affiliate to; make sure it is the correct location.

click on provider ID to be affiliated with


Choose the effective date for the affiliation, and then click Add

select the effective date and click Add


Continue to add additional Group affiliations as needed.

plus sign to add additional group affiliations


To remove an affiliation, simply fill in the end date of the affiliation and Save.

adding end date to remove affiliation

Click the links on the left-hand side to edit other pieces of provider information, or click Go to Submit to submit all changes made

left side navigation


Attach any supporting documentation (if applicable), complete required fields, and click Submit.

attaching supporting documentation


Retain tracking number

tracking number

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Updating Malpractice or Liability Insurance

Providers must maintain an up-to-date record of their malpractice or liability insurance policy with Health First Colorado. Currently, there is no Provider Maintenance panel within the Provider Web Portal where providers can enter their insurance information.

In an upcoming Provider Web Portal update, a new Insurance panel will be added under Provider Maintenance which will allow providers to enter and submit their most recent insurance information. Until the change is implemented, whenever an insurance update is necessary, providers may submit their current insurance policy documentation and track the update by following the steps below.

  1. Insurance documents are submitted through the Attachments and Submit panel. However, initially, the Attachments and Submit panel is grayed out and unavailable.

    greyed out attachments panel on left navigation
  2. Activate the Attachments and Submit panel one of two ways:

    Click one of the links on the left-hand side of the screen to navigate to an area. The Attachments and Submit panel will now be active. Click Attachments and Submit.


    Click Continue until the Specialty and Contact Information Changes page is reached. Click the Go to Submit button. This will direct providers to an active Attachments and Submit panel.

    Note: Users with the Fingerprinting panel will always be directed to the Fingerprint panel before being allowed to go to the Attachments and Submit panel.

    contact info changes, other information changes, continue buttons
  3. Submit changes.

    Select Proof of Malpractice/Liability as the Attachment Type, attach the insurance document, sign by entering the name and then click the Submit button.

    attachments panel
  4. Retain tracking number
    tracking number

Check the status of an update request

Click the Provider Maintenance Status link.

provider maintenance status link

Enter the Tracking Number for the update request, and click Search.

enter tracking number

View Status details


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