Pediatric Personal Care Services Provider List

Note: all these agencies have verified their intent to enroll as personal care benefit providers. However, only the following are fully enrolled as Personal Care Agencies at this time:

  • Alfabest Home Care
  • C & D Choices/A Real Difference
  • Hildebrand Home Care - Salida
  • Homeward Inc.
  • Fusion Home Care
  • Interim Health Care of SouthEastern Colorado-Colorado Springs
  • Interim HealthCare of SouthEastern Colorado—Pueblo
  • Interim HealthCare of Fort Collins
  • Maxim Healthcare Services
  • PeopleCare Health Services West
  • PeopleCare Health Services East
  • PeopleCare Health Services North
  • PeopleCare Health Services South
  • Steiner SILS
  • VitalCare
  • Wisdom Home Health Agency

If you need personal care services and one of the above agencies is unable to meet your needs, please call the Personal Care Hotline at 303-866-3447 or send an email to