PEAKHealth Mobile App

PEAKHealth Mobile App

Want fast and easy access to your Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program) and Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) benefits on the go? Download the PEAKHealth mobile app to find a doctor, get your Health First Colorado card, and more – right from your phone!

You must be a current Health First Colorado or CHP+ member to use the secure PEAKHealth app and must have an account on Health First Colorado and CHP+ members can create a PEAK account anytime at Download PEAKHealth for free from the Apple iTunes Store or Android/Google Play App Store.

With PEAKHealth you can:

Find a Doctor

  • Search for a doctor, dentist, pharmacy or health care facility in the Health First Colorado and CHP+ network.
  • Add your doctor to your list of Favorites to help quickly find their contact information.

See Your Health First Colorado Card

  • Quickly view the Health First Colorado cards for all members of your household that are enrolled in Health First Colorado and CHP+.
  • Use your electronic Health First Colorado card when you visit your doctor.

Keep Your Information Up To Date

  • Update your contact information including address and phone number.
  • Remove a member of your household.
  • Add or remove jobs, update your income and upload your paystub.

See CHP+ and Health First Colorado Buy-In Account Balances 

  • View monthly premiums and annual enrollment fees for the Health First Colorado Buy-in and CHP+.
  • Make one-time payments for Health First Colorado Buy-in premiums or CHP+ enrollment fees.
  • Set up recurring payments for Health First Colorado Buy-in monthly premiums.

Find Out About Your Benefits

  • Find out what benefits may be covered by Health First Colorado and CHP+.
  • Learn what co-pays you may have.
  • View what benefits and services are free.

Get Tips To Stay Healthy

  • View fitness, happiness, parenting, health, nutrition and parenting tips and articles to help you stay healthy.

Be Safe & Secure

  • We use the latest technology in secure mobile applications to protect your personal health info while online or off.
  • To help keep your information safe, never share your username and password.
PEAKHealth Mobile App Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the app for?

The PEAKHealth app is for current Health First Colorado and Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) members. You must have a account or create one to sign in. PEAKHealth is not for people who want to apply for benefits.

What can I do in the app?

  • Update your income and upload your paystub.
  • Update your contact and household information.
  • Set up payments for CHP+ enrollment fees or the Health First Colorado Buy-in program premiums.
  • Learn about how to stay healthy.
  • Find a Health First Colorado or CHP+ doctor.
  • View an electronic version of your Health First Colorado card.
  • View your Health First Colorado or CHP+ benefits.

Where can I download the app?

PEAKHealth can be downloaded at the Apple iTunes Store or Android/Google Play App Store for free.

What devices does this app support?

Any phone that is running Android 4.4 and above or iOS 9 and above.

Why does my session expire?

For security reasons, your login session will expire after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes, this is a secure application. Please do not share your login and password information with anyone.

My Health First Colorado or CHP+ case is closed but I have a PEAK Account. Can I log in in to the PEAKHealth app and update my information?

No, you cannot update information on a closed case. We require at least one person in your household to have active Health First Colorado or CHP+ benefits to be able to update your household’s information through PEAKHealth. If your case is closed and you try to log in to the PEAKHealth app, you will see the following message: "No members of your household are receiving Health First Colorado or CHP+ benefits. Please go to Colorado PEAK for more information.”

If you have questions about your benefits, you can find out more on or contact your local County Human or Social Services Office.

How do I link my case to the app?

If you are an active member but are having problems linking your active case to the app, log in to PEAK and select your active case number in the dropdown menu on the upper left of the Overview/Manage My Account page. The app will automatically connect the selected case.