Office of Community Living

What is the Office of Community Living?

The Office of Community Living was created by Governor Hickenlooper through an Executive Order in July 2012. The Office will help meet the growing need for long-term services and supports by people with disabilities and aging adults and be housed in the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing.

Why was the Office of Community Living established?

The nation’s population age 65 and older is projected to double between 2010 and 2038. By 2021, the number of older adults in Colorado is expected to increase by 54 percent. This Office will help prepare the state to meet the needs for long-term services and supports and focus attention and resources on meeting the unique needs of aging Coloradans and individuals with disabilities. The Office will align services and supports so that individuals, and their families, do not have to navigate a complicated and fragmented system.

What is the goal of the Office?

The goal of the Office is to provide strategic direction on the redesign of all aspects of the long-term services and supports delivery system, including service models, payment structures and data systems to create efficient and person-centered community-based care.

Guiding principles of the Office are to:

  • Provide services in a timely manner with respect and dignity
  • Strengthen consumer choice in service provision
  • Incorporate best practices in service delivery
  • Encourage integrated home-and community-based service delivery
  • Involve stakeholders in planning and processes; and
  • Incorporate supportive housing

​Which agencies other than Health Care Policy and Financing will be involved with the Office?

State agencies and divisions working on community living will work collaboratively with the Office.
Such agencies and divisions include but are not limited to:

  • Department of Local Affairs, Division of Housing
  • Department of Public Health and Environment; and
  • Department of Human Services

​Will there be a process for stakeholder input?

Yes, active participation by clients, families, advocates, providers, communities, and agencies will ensure that necessary coordination and administration is achieved. See Office of Community Living Stakeholder Engagement page.  The Community Living Advisory Group, also created by the Governor’s Executive Order, worked from 2012 to 2014 to consider and recommend changes to the long-term services and supports delivery system.  The result of this work is the Community Living Advisory Group Final Report, published in September 2014.

​How can I find or receive communications from the Office of Community Living?

To be added to the OCL Communications list, please contact John Barry:

John R. Barry

Long-Term Services and Supports Programs