Health First Colorado Trusts

What Is a Trust?

A legal title to property held by one party for the benefit of another

Trust Terms

  • Settlor: The person who creates a trust
  • Trustee: The person who administers a trust
  • Beneficiary: The person who is entitled to receive the assets or income in a trust

Which Trusts Do We Care About?

  • Any trust which was established by or which benefits a Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program) member or applicant
  • Trust may be established by the individual, by a court, by a guardian, by a third party, or through a will

Basic Question for Any Trust

Can the Health First Colorado member or applicant access the assets in the trust?

If he or she can, then the trust is usually a countable resource.

If he or she cannot, then the trust is usually not a countable resource.

Types of Trusts

  • Income Trust (8.110.52.B.5.a.)
  • Disability Trust (8.110.52.B.5.b.)
  • Pooled Trust (8.110.52.B.5.c)

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