Medicaid Eligibility Quality Improvement

The Department is committed to improving the quality of eligibility and enrollment practices by collaborating with partners. The Medical Eligibility Quality Improvement Plan (MEQIP) describes a process and reporting mechanism to achieve this goal.  The MEQIP Quarterly Report is due to the Department quarterly; please use the below chart to ensure your Quarterly Reports are submitted timely.

MEQIP Quarterly Report

Reporting Period

Due Date(Please note:  If the due date falls on a non-working day, then submit the report the first working day after the due date.)

MEQIP Quarter 1 report July, August, & September November 1st
MEQIP Quarter 2 Report October, November, & December February 1st
Revised Annual Plan July 1st - June 30th March 31st
MEQIP Quarter 3 report January, February, & March May 1st
MEQIP Quarter 4 report April, May, & June August 1st

The plan includes key performance areas for eligibility sites to monitor and a description of evaluation tools in order to update and educate sites statewide.

Below are tools and resources that support eligibility sites' quality improvement efforts.


Performance Standards Forum Materials:

MEQIP Annual Reports:

MEQIP Questions?

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