Home Health Program

Pediatric Assessment Tool

The Pediatric Assessment Tool (PAT) was developed in response to stakeholder feedback that objective criteria were needed to assess pediatric home health service needs. The tool is based on the OASIS home health assessment tool, was crafted with expert input from a team of developmental pediatricians, and is tailored to capture pediatric-specific service needs. It determines which service needs meet medical necessity. The PAT was revised in late 2013 by a team including provider and client representatives to refine its assessment of complex and unique medical needs. All materials on this page relate to the Revised PAT.

Community First Choice

Community First Choice is an important initiative being explored by Colorado Medicaid.  Community First Choice (1915k) is a new option available that allows states to provide some Home and Community Based Services on a consumer-directed basis within their Medicaid state plan. Here is the link to more information about Community First Choice.

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