Healthy Communities

Who qualifies?

The Healthy Communities Program serves children, young adults and pregnant women eligible for Health First Colorado or Colorado Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) programs at no cost to families.  

Benefits and Services

About 100 Family Health Coordinators of the Healthy Communities Program provide outreach, navigation and health education, free of charge, to newly eligible members and families wanting to apply for coverage. 

Family Health Coordinators assist with:  

  • Completing Medical Assistance Program Applications
  • Navigating Health Care Systems of Care
  • Understanding coverage and benefits
  • Providing referrals to community resources and providers
  • Educating families on enrollment/re-enrollment issues, preventing gaps in coverage, the benefits of developing a relationship with their primary care medical provider to lead a “health neighborhood,” appropriate use of medical services, and more.

How to Apply

Find a Family Health Coordinator in your area.

Healthy Communities 2015 Evaluation

In April 2015, the Department contracted with Upleaf, LLC. to conduct an evaluation of the Healthy Communities program. The purpose of the evaluation was to help the Department identify high-value activities for the program with an emphasis on health outcomes as opposed to a focus on the activities themselves which had been the traditional program model. Upleaf was also asked to examine examples of Pay-For-Performance incentive models and make recommendations about how such models may be incorporated into the Healthy Communities program.

One of the Department's objectives is that these recommendations would help boost Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Testing (EPSDT) outcomes among children receiving Health First Colorado benefits. Finally, Upleaf was also asked to identify areas of duplication between the Healthy Communities program and the Regional Care Collaborative Organizations (RCCOs), and make recommendations to help eliminate duplication.

The evaluation conducted by Upleaf included surveys with Healthy Communities members and staff, interviews with program stakeholders, background research, review of program documents, and mapping of EPSDT-related indicators. Throughout the process we received feedback from Healthy Communities members, contractors, partners, RCCO managers, national EPSDT experts, and other stakeholders. This report presents a summary of key evaluation findings and recommendations. Please refer to the report annexes for detailed results of the surveys, research and mapping conducted by Upleaf.

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