Health Care Cost Analysis Task Force

The Health Cost Analysis Task Force is the legislatively appointed body charged with selecting a nonpartisan, unbiased vendor to perform an analysis pursuant to House Bill 19-1176. The vendor will analyze the current health care system, a multi-payer universal system, a publicly financed and privately delivered universal system, or another system that would meet the health care needs of Coloradans.

Welcome from the Chair

On behalf of the 1176 Health Care Cost Task Force, welcome to our website. Here you will find the bill that created this task force (HB19-1176); member bios; meeting dates and locations; and agendas and materials.

We are an engaged group, excited to take on this work.

In a nutshell, we are charged with selecting an experienced, nonpartisan, unbiased analyst who will analyze, at a minimum, the following health care systems:

  • The current Colorado health care financing system in which residents receive health care coverage from private insurers and public programs or are uninsured;
  • A multi-payer universal health care system ion which all residents of Colorado are covered under a plan with a mandated set of benefits that is publicly and privately funded and also paid for by employer and employee contributions; and
  • A publicly financed and privately delivered universal health care system that directly compensates providers.

What makes our work unique? One element is the scope of what we may be able to weigh within the analysis. For example, what are the collateral costs to society of high health care costs?

We will complete our duties to the extent feasible with funding provided through moneys appropriated by the General Assembly and with gifts, grants, and donations.

Major milestones: On or before January 1, 2021, we will submit a preliminary report to the General Assembly that contains the analyst’s methodology for studying the health care financing systems; and on or before September 1, 2021, we will deliver to the General Assembly a final report of the Task Force’s findings received from the analyst selected.

Our intention: provide facts to determine the most cost-effective method of financing health care that ensures all Coloradans have access to adequate and affordable health care.

We welcome your involvement – our meetings have a public comment period and you can email questions or comments to January Montano, our pleasant and proficient policy support expert. Her contact information is:

We are also planning stakeholder meetings outside of the Denver area – dates to be determined and posted on this page.


Mitzi Moran


Contact Us

Please reach out to January Montaño at to send the Task Force input, comments and questions.


Reasonable accommodations for the meetings will be provided upon request for persons with disabilities. Please contact the Program Administrator at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting if you need special arrangements.