FY 2018-19 Requests

Submitted November 1, 2017.

Decision Items

R-1 Medical Services Premiums 

Medicaid Caseload

MSP Exhibits 

R-2 Behavioral Health Community Programs

​BH Exhibits 

R-3 Children's Basic Health Plan Medical and Dental Costs

CHP Exhibits 

R-4 Medicare Modernization Act State Contribution
R-5 Office of Community Living and Caseload Adjustment
R-6 Electronic Visit Verification Implementation   
R-7 HCBS Transition Services Continuation and Expansion 
R-8 Medicaid Savings Initiatives 
R-9 FY 2018-19 Provider Rate Adjustments 
R-10 Drug Cost Containment Initiatives    
R-11 Administrative Contracts Adjustments  
R-12 Children's Habilitation Residential Program Transfer 
R-13 All-Payer Claims Database Funding 
R-14 Safety Net Program Adjustments 
R-15 CHASE Administrative Costs
R-16 CPE for Emergency Medical Transportation Providers 
R-17 Single Assessment Tool Financing 
R-18 Cost Allocation Vendor Consolidation 
R-19 IDD Waiver Consolidation Administrative Funding 


Non-Prioritized Items

NPR-1 CBMS-PEAK Annual funding Adjustment
NPR-2 Commission on Family Medicine  
NPR-5 FY 2018-19 OIT HCPF Securty Request 
NPR-6 FY 2018-19 Payments to Risk Management Cybersecurity 
NPR-7 FY 2018-19 Microsoft ELA 
NPR-8 FY 2018-19 DHS R-18 Restore Regional Center Funding 
NPR-9 FY 2018-19 DHS R-05b Community Based Intensive Reside 
NPR-10 DHS Common Policy Adjustment with Medicaid 

NPR-11 DHS 1% Provider Rate Increase 
NPR-12 CDPHE Total Compensation