FY 2017-18 Children's Basic Health Plan Exhibits

Schedule 10- Summary of Change Requests 

CBHP Narrative. 

Table of Contents 

Exhibit C1

Calculations of Current Total Long Bill Group Impact 

Exhibit C2

Calculations of Fund Splits; Cash Fund Report; Disallowance Repayment Schedule 

Exhibit C3

CBHP Expenditure Summary

Exhibit C4

CBHP Caseload by Fiscal Year; Caseload by Month; Capitation Payments Per Capita Historical Summary; Historical Expenditure Summary 

Exhibit C5

CBHP Trust Fund Population; Hospital Provider Fee Population; Enrollment Fees 

Exhibit C6

Expenditure Calculations by Eligibility Category, Incurred But Not Reported Runout by Fiscal Peroid; Incurred But Not Reported Expenditures by Fiscal Period

Exhibit C7

Bottom Line Impact Summary; Bottom Line Impact Calculations 

Exhibit C8

CBHP Retroactivity Adjustments; Claims Distribution Adjustment Multiplier

Exhibit C9

CBHP Capitation Rate Trends and Forecasts

Exhibit C10 

Forecast Model Comparisons; Capitation Trend Models; Final Forecasts