FY 2016-17 Requests

Submitted November 2, 2015.

Decision Items

R-1 Medical Service Premiums 

MSP Exhibits 

R-1I Supplemental Medicare Insurance Benefit Increase (Informational Only) 

Medicaid Caseload 

R-2 Behavioral Health Community Programs

​BH Exhibits 

R-3 Children's Basic Health Plan Medical and Dental Costs

CHP Exhibits 

R-4 Medicare Modernization Act State Contribution Payment
R-5 Office of Community Living and Caseload Adjustment 
R-7 County Administrative Financing 
R-9 Old Age Pension State Medical Program Funding Adjustment  
R-11 Decreased Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP)  
R-12 Medicaid Provider Rate Reductions 


Non-Prioritized Items

NPR-1 Resources for Administrative Courts 
NPR-2 DHS Early Intervention 
NPR-4 DHS Provider Rate Adjustment 
NPR-5 Cervical Cancer Eligibility Expansion 
NPR-6 Secure Colorado 
NPR-7 DHS Secure Colorado 
NPR-8 DHS's Fleet Request 
NPR-9 DHS Utilities Increase