FY 2015-16 Requests

Submitted November 3, 2014.

Decision Items:

R-1 Medical Service Premiums 

Medicaid Caseload 

R-2 Behavioral Health Community Programs
R-3 Children's Basic Health Plan Medical and Dental Costs
R-4 Medicare Modernization Act State Contribution Payment
R-5 Office of Community Living and Caseload Adjustment 
R-6 Medicaid & CHP+ Enrollment Simplification 
R-7 Participant Directed Programs Expansion 
R-8 Children with Autism Waiver Expansion 
R-9 Personal Health Records and Online Health Education 
R-10 Customer Service Center  
R-11 Public Health and Medicaid Alignment 
R-12 Community and Targeted Provider Rate Increase 
R-13 ACC Reprocurement Preparation 
R-14 Primary Care Fund Audit 
R-15 Managed Care Organization Audits 
R-16 Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative Funding 
R-17 School Based Early Intervention and Prevention 
R-18 DDDWeb Stabilization 
R-19 Public School Health Services  

Non-Prioritized Items:

NPR-1 Funding for Food Inflation 
NPR-2 Regional Center Depreciation
NPR-3 DPA's Fleet Request for DHS
NPR-4 Medical Oversight DHS
NPR-5 Provider Rate Increase DHS
NPR-6 Early Intervention Caseload DHS