FY 2014-15 Requests

Submitted November 1, 2013.

Change Request:

R-1 Medical Service Premiums 
R-2 Behavioral Health Community Programs
R-3 Children's Basic Health Plan Medical and Dental Costs
R-4 Medicare Modernization Act State Contribution Payment
R-5 Medicaid Health Information Exchange 
R-6 Eligibility Determination Enhanced Match
R-7 Adult Supported Living Services Waiting List Reduction and Service Plan Authorization Limits Increase 
R-8 Developmental Disabilities New Full Program Equivalents
R-9 Medicaid Community Living Initiatives 
R-10 Primary Care Specialty Collaboration 
R-11 Community Provider Rate Increase
R-12 Administrative Contract Reprocurement 
R-13 Funding for Utilization Review Services
R-14 Family Support Services Funding Restoration
R-15 Long-term Services and Supports for Individuals with Complex Medical Conditions
R-16 New Operational and Membership Funds for the Division for Developmental Disabilities
R-17 Computer Replacement and Office Software

Non-Prioirtized Items:

NP R-1 DHS 1.5% Community Provider Rate Increase
NP R-2 Secure Colorado Phase II
NP R-3 Eliminate Redundant Applications
NP R-4 Capitol Complex Network Resiliency
NP R-5 IT Service Management Ecosystem
NP R-6 IT Technical Development 
NP R-7 DHS DPA'S Annual Fleet Vehicle Request
NP R-8 DHS OIT's Secure Colorado - Phase II
NP R-9 DHS OIT's Eliminate Redundant Applications
NP R-10 DHS OIT's Network Resiliency
NP R-11 DHS OIT's IT Service Management Eco-System
NP R-12 DHS OIT's IT Technical Development
NP R-13 DHS Regional Center Capitol Outlay