FY 2012-13 Supplementals and FY 2013-14 Budget Amendments

Submitted January 2, 2013

Schedule 11 - Summary of Supplementals

Schedule 12 - Summary of Budget Request Amendments

Supplementals and Stand Alone Budget Amendments

S-1 Request for Medical Services Premiums
S-2 Medicaid Mental Health Community Programs
S-3 Children's Basic Health Plan Medical and Dental Costs
S-4 Medicare Modernization Act State Contribution Payment
S-5, BA-5 Improve and Modernize Colorado Benefits Management System
S-6, BA-6 Medicaid Management Information System Operating Rules Compliance
S-7 Server Upgrade and SharePoint Assessment
S-8, BA-8 Medicaid Management Information System Technical Adjustments
S-9, BA-9 Increase in PASSR Level II & Status Change Evaluation Rates
S-10 Leased Space Rent Increase and True-up
S-11, BA-11 Refinace SAVE Program with Federal Funds
S-12, BA-12 Public School Health Services True-up
S-13, BA-13 Restore ICF/IID Provider Fee
S-14, BA-14 Colorado Choice Transitions for HCBS-DD Waiver Clients
S-15 Federally Mandated CHP+ PPS Payments True-up
S-16 Nursing Facility Appeals
BA-17 Continuation of Disease Management Funding


Non-Priortized Items

NP-S1 DHS - Colorado Mental Health Institutes Revenue Adjustment
NP-S2 DHS - Leased Space for the Division of Developmental Disabilities and the State Unit on Aging
NP-S3 DHS - FY 2012-13 Technical Changes for Developmental Disabilities Programs