FY 2012-13 Supplemental Requests and FY 2013-14 Budget Request Amendments - Medical Services Premiums and Mental Health Programs


Submitted February 15, 2013


Schedule 11 - Summary of Supplementals

Schedule 12 - Summary of Budget Request Amendments

Medicaid Caseload Narrative

S-1, BA-1: Medical Services Premiums - Change Request

Schedule 13

Exhibit A Calculation of Request, Calculation of Fund Splits
Exhibit B Medicaid Caseload Forecast
Exhibit C History and Projections of Per Capita Costs
Exhibit D Cash Funds Report
Exhibit E Summary of Total Requested Expenditure by Service Group, Comparison to Long Bill Appropriation and Special Bills
Exhibit F Acute Care, Breast and Cervical Cancer Program Per Capita Detail, Antipsychotic Drug Expenditure and Pharmacy Enhanced Rebates, Family Planning Enhanced Match Calculation, Indian Health Services
Exhibit G Community Based Long Term Care, Half-Year Expenditure Split, Colorado Choice Transitions
Exhibit H Long Term Care and Insurance Summary; Class I Nursing Facilities Request, Footnotes, and Supplemental Payments; Class II Nursing Facilities; Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE); Supplemental Medicare Insurance Benefit (SMIB); Health Insurance Buy-In (HIBI)
Exhibit I Service Management - Summary; Single Data Entry Points; Disease Management; Prepaid Inpatient Health Plan Administration
Exhibit J Health Care Affordability Act of 2009
Exhibit K Upper Payment Limit Financing
Exhibit L Department Recoveries
Exhibit M Expenditure History by Aid Category and Service Category
Exhibit N Expenditure History by Service Category
Exhibit O Comparison of Budget Requests, Appropriations and Expenditures for Prior Years
Exhibit P Global Reasonableness;  Expenditure and Caseload History; Estimate of Expenditures with Prior Year Cash Flow Pattern (Reference Only)


S-2, BA-2: Medicaid Mental Health Community Programs - Change Request

Schedule 13

Exhibit AA Calculation of Current Total Long Bill Group Impact
Exhibit BB Calculation of Fund Splits
Exhibit CC Medicaid Mental Health Community Programs Summary
Exhibit DD Medicaid Mental Health Community Programs: Summary; Caseload; Mental Health Capitation Payments Per Capita Historical Summary; Expenditures Historical Summary
Exhibit EE Expenditure Calculations by Eligibility Category & Incurred but not Reported Data
Exhibit FF Medicaid Mental Health Retroactivity Adjustment & Partial Month Adjustment Multiplier
Exhibit GG Medicaid Mental Health Capitation Rate Trends and Forecasts
Exhibit HH Forecast Model Comparisons - Final Forecasts & Capitation Trend Models
Exhibit II Recoupment of Payments Made for Clients Found to be Ineligible for Medicaid and Reconciliations for Adults Without Dependent Children
Exhibit JJ Cash Funded Expansion Populations
Exhibit KK Medicaid Mental Health Fee for Service Forecast
Exhibit LL Global Reasonableness Test for Medicaid Mental Health Capitation Payments


Medical Services Premiums and Mental Health Programs Budget Narratives

S-3, BA-3: Children's Basic Health Plan Medical and Dental Costs

Schedule 13

C.1 Children's Basic Health Plan Trust Fund Analysis
C.2 FY 2012-13 Children's Basic Health Plan Program Expenditures
C.3 FY 2013-14 Children's Basic Health Plan Program Expenditures
C.4 Children's Basic Health Plan External Administration Line Item
C.5 Per Capita Costs
C.6 Children's Caseload
C.7 Prenatal Caseload
C.8 CHIP Federal Allotment Forecast


Health Care Affordability Act Update