FY 2011-12 Medicaid Mental Health Community Programs Exhibits

Submitted November 1, 2010

Schedule 13 - Summary of Change Request

Table of Contents

Exhibit AA
Calculation of Current Total Long Bill Group Impact

Exhibit BB
Calculation of Fund Splits

Exhibit CC
Medicaid Mental Health Community Programs Summary

Exhibit DD
Medicaid Mental Health Community Programs: Summary, Caseload, Mental Health Capitation Payments Per Capita Historical Summary, Expenditures Historical Summary, & Adjustments to Expenditures for Inclusion of Goebel Expenditures

Exhibit EE
Expenditure Calculations by Eligibility Category & Incurred But Not Reported Data

Exhibit FF
Medicaid Mental Health Retroactivity Adjustment & Partial Month Adjustment Multiplier

Exhibit GG
Medicaid Mental Health Capitation Rate Trends and Forecasts

Exhibit HH
Forecast Model Comparisons - Final Forecasts & Capitation Trend Models

Exhibit II
Recoupment of Payments Made for Clients Found to be Ineligible for Medicaid

Exhibit JJ
Cash Funded Expansion Populations

Exhibit KK
Medicaid Mental Health Fee For Service Forecast

Exhibit LL
Global Reasonableness Test for Medicaid Mental Health Capitation Payments