FY 2011-12 Change Requests

Submitted November 1, 2010

Decision Items

DI-1 Request for Medical Services Premiums
DI-2 Medicaid Mental Health Community Programs
DI-3 Children's Basic Health Plan Medical Premium and Dental Benefit Costs
DI-4 Medicare Modernization Act State Contribution Payment
DI-5 CBMS Compliance with Low Income Subsidy and Disability Determination Services Federal Requirements
DI-6 Cash Fund Insolvency Financing
DI-7 Maximize Reimbursement for High Volume Medicaid and CICP Hospitals
DI-8 Prenatal Plus Administration Transfer

Base Reduction Items

BRI-1 Client Overutilization Program Expansion                                                                                                              
BRI-2 Medicaid Fee-For-Service Payment Delay
BRI-3 Indigent Care Program Financing Reductions
BRI-4 CHP+ Program Reductions
BRI-5 Medicaid Reductions
BRI-6 Delay Managed Care Payments

Non-Prioritized Items

NP-1 2% Across the Board Personal Services Reduction
NP-2 DHS - Reallocation of Resources and Funding Increase for Emergency Placements in Community Services for People with Developmental Disabilities Program Costs
NP-3 DHS - Child Welfare Services Block Increase
NP-4 DHS - Services for People with Disabilities-New Funding Developmental Disabilities Services
NP-5 DHS - Office of Operations Utilities Increase
NP-6 CDPHE - 2% Across The Board Personal Services Reduction
NP-7 DORA - 2% Across The Board Personal Services Reduction
NP-8 DPHE - Amendment 35 Funding Reduction
NP-9 DHS - 2% Across The Board Personal Services Reduction
NP-10 DHS - Reduction to the Purchase of Contract Placements Appropriation
NP-11 CDPHE - Pro-Rated Benefits
NP-12 CDPHE - Statewide PERA Adjustment
NP-13 Pro-Rated Benefits
NP-14 Statewide PERA Adjustment
NP-15 DHS - Statewide PERA Adjustment
NP-16 DHS - Pro-Rated Benefits
NP-17 DHS - NP DHS - Printing of Statewide Warrants and Mainframe Documents
NP-18 CDE - Statewide PERA Adjustment