FY 2010-11 Supplementals and FY 2011-12 Budget Request Amendments

Submitted January 3, 2011


Schedule 2 - Summary by Long Bill Group

Schedule 10 - Summary of Change Requests

Schedule 11 - Summary of Supplementals

Schedule 12 - Summary of Budget Request Amendments


Supplementals and Stand Alone Budget Amendments

S-7, BA-3 Implement National Correct Coding Initiative
S-8, BA-6 Medicaid Fee-For-Service Payment Delay True-up
S-9, BA-7 Medicaid Managed Care Payment Delay True-up
BA-4 Nursing Facilities Audit Expansion
BA-5 School Based Health Program Refinancing
BA-8 ARRA HITECH Provider Incentive Payments


Non-Prioritized Items

NP-S3 DHS - Mental Health Institutes Revenue Adjustment
NP-S6 DHS - Vehicle Lease Line Reconciliation
NP-S7 DHS - Printing of Statewide Warrants and Mainframe Documents
NP-S8 Printing of Statewide Warrants and Mainframe Documents