Fraud, Waste and Abuse

The Department is actively working to combat fraud, waste and abuse.

Fraud includes making a false statement or misrepresenting information to get something that benefits oneself or someone else. There are many forms of fraud.

Examples of actions by Medicaid providers which may be fraud include:

  • Billing Medicaid for doctor visits, medical procedures, drugs or supplies that are not provided to a client
  • Billing for the same service twice

Examples of actions by Medicaid members which may be fraud include:

  • Providing false information on applications in order to receive benefits
  • Loaning your Medicaid ID card to others
  • Selling or buying a Medicaid card
  • Giving or selling medication or medical supplies to someone else
  • Forging prescriptions

Waste includes over-utilizing Medicaid services, supplies or equipment, or causing unnecessary costs through carelessness or inefficiency.

Abuse* includes activities that result in unnecessary costs to Medicaid.

*Please note: Report physical or emotional abuse to the police.

How You Can Help

If you suspect Medicaid fraud, waste or abuse, please report it to us immediately.

Department Efforts