Family Support Loan Fund

The Family Support Loan Fund provides access to short-term low interest rate loans in order to obtain family support services, which help to maintain a dependent family member with a developmental disability in the home. 

  • The outstanding loan amount for any family may be up to a maximum of $8,000.00.
  • Loans can be for a maximum period of 60 months.
  • The Colorado State Treasurer calculates the interest rate based on the annual earning rate for the preceding fiscal year.
  • Loans must be for the purpose of assisting to maintain the family member with a developmental disability at home.
  • Repayment of the loan is the full responsibility of the applicant.

Who Qualifies?

  • Only families who maintain a family member with a developmental disability in their home are eligible to apply for a Family Support Loan.
  • Families enrolled in the Family Support Services Program are also eligible for the Loan Fund, but loans cannot be repaid using funds from the Family Support Services Program.

Benefits and Services

Following are some examples of the types of services and supports that may be purchased with a Family Support Loan:

  • Adaptations to Home
  • Construction Materials and Labor
  • Specialized Transportation
  • Adaptations to Transportation
  • Special Equipment/Clothing
  • Medical/Dental Costs

How to Apply

To find out if you're eligible, contact the Community Centered Board (CCB) in your area or the Health First Colorado Customer Contact Center.