Enhancing Children and Youth Behavioral Health Services

In accordance with Senate Bill 19-195, the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (Department) will be working to enhance our children and youth behavioral health system. To better serve this population, the Department will be:
  1. Implementing high-fidelity wraparound services for eligible children and youth who are enrolled in Medicaid and at risk of out-of-home placement or in an out-of-home placement.
  2. Designing and recommending a child and youth integrated funding pilot program that addresses the challenges of fragmentation and duplication of behavioral health services.
  3. Participating in work lead by the Colorado Department of Human Services to develop a statewide screening, assessment, and single referral and entry point for children and youth at risk of out of home placement.


September 2019

  • The Department continues to hire for positions appropriated through the bill. Our new Project Coordinator will begin in mid-September, and the remaining positions have been posted and closed.
  • Our federal partners at CMS received our letter declaring our intention to seek authority to implement high fidelity wraparound. A link to the letter can be found below. The Department will begin regular meetings with CMS after developing a concept paper for the new services.
  • Interviews for our stakeholder engagement specialist will begin in early September. Once hired, this position will be leading stakeholder work. Subscribe to our email list below to receive notifications on upcoming stakeholder meetings.
  • We have started work to procure a contractor that can support development of an integrated funding pilot, per section 25.5-5-804 of the bill.
  • The Department has begun conversations with the Department of Human Services and the Children’s Behavioral Health Subcommittee to ensure strong partnership and alignment across agencies and missions.

August 2019

  • The Department is currently hiring for the positions appropriated to the Department through the bill, which allocates funding for the positions in September 2019.  
  • The Department will be writing a letter to CMS that announces our intent to seek federal authorization to implement wraparound services.
  • The Department will begin stakeholder engagement in Fall 2019. To stay informed, we encourage you to sign up for updates on Children and Youth Behavioral Health Systems Enhancements.


Legislative Bill
SB19-195 CMS Letter

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