DIDD Communication

This page provides information about the Division of Intelletecual Developmental Disabilities (DIDD) that has been added within the last 120 days. The most recent item added is listed at the top of each of the categories below. For information on other topics not listed here, please select the appropriate menu item on the left side of this page.
Date Communication Briefs / Alerts
March 11, 2015

Communication Brief - Announce July 1, 2015 transition of management of Adult Dental Waiver benefit to DentaQuest


March 4, 2015


Communication Brief - Announce March 10th, 2015 provider webinar to discuss the federal Home and Community Based settings Final Rule

February 18, 2015

 Communication Brief - Extension of Public Comment Period on Conflict Free Case Management Task Group Recommendations

February 5, 2015

Communication Brief - Announce posting of Conflict Free Case Management Task Group Recommendaitons and request Public Comment

February 4, 2015

Communication Brief - Forwarded email from Disability Law Colorado regarding their recent rebranding

January 28, 2015

Communication Brief - Announce posting of Draft HCBS-SLS Waiver Amendment with changes highlighted

January 14, 2015

Communication Brief - Forwarded email regarding No Wrong Door Planning Grant and request for stakeholder engagement

January 10, 2015

Communication Brief - Request Public Comment on Task Group Report on CDASS in HCBS-SLS & SLS Waiver Amendment

December 17, 2014 Communication Brief - Room And Board Charge and Personal Needs Allowance Amounts Effective January 1, 2015
November 19, 2014

Communication Brief - Strategic Plan for Assuring Timley Access to Services for Individuals with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities

Communicaiton Brief - Notification of Department Responses to Public Comment regarding the new federal HCBS Rules posted to the HCPF website

November 12, 2014

Communication Brief - Access to Intellectual and adaptive behavior assessments for determination of a Developmental Disability

Communication Brief - Translation of the Home and Community Based Services-Children's Extensive Supports (HCBS-CES) waiver applicaiton into Latin American Spanish


November 5, 2014

Communication Brief - Consumer Direction in SLS Task Group Member Selection Announcement

Communication Brief - Request for feedback on New Federal Provider Screening Rules


October 29, 2014

Communication Brief - Home Care Final Rule and Shared Living Guidance

October 15, 2014

Communication Brief - Scope and Responsibilities of Authorized Representative

Communicaiton Brief - Behavioral Health Organiations Practice Standards: Evaluation and Treatment of Covered Mental Illness in Children, Youth, and Adults with a Developmental Disability

Communication Brief - HB 14-1368 - Transition Youth with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities into Adult Services

October 1, 2014

Communication Brief - Announcement of Additional meeting for HB 14-1051 Strat Plan for Services for Persons with IDD



September 24, 2014

Communicaiton Brief - Distribute DHS DRCO September 2014 CSTAT Slides

September 17, 2014


Communication Brief - Community Engagement Meetings NEW DATES - Strat Plan to Eliminate Wait List (HB 14-1051)

September 10, 2014

Communicaiton Brief - CES, SLS, DD Waiver Renewal Update and Listening Log

SLS & DD Waiver Listening Log

January 30, 2014
November 13, 2013 Communication Brief - Room and Board Charge and Personal Needs Amounts Effective January 2014
November 13, 2013
November 13, 2013


Date Support Level Determination / Algorithm
June 14 ,2012
Support Levels are a numeric value determined using an algorithm that includes factors based on assessments of the client’s needs as measured by the adaptive, medical and behavioral components of the SIS Assessment plus factors for defined safety risk.
The factors applied in the Support Level Algorithm are: Adaptive Skills, Behavioral and Medical support needs scores from the SIS Assessment and extreme safety risk to self or public safety risk.