County Administration Resources

Welcome to the County Administration website.  Here you will find resources for county programs, communications, and funding. For more information regarding anything related to county administration, contact

County Programs and Initiatives

The County Relations team manages the County Incentives Program and the County Grant Program.  More information can be found below.

County Incentives Program

The County Incentives Program was launched in Fiscal Year 2014-15. The Department, in conjunction with county partners, identified goals, benchmarks, or deliverables that are tied to county performance. If counties meet the requirements of the incentives, they are paid additional funds up their local share. The actual amount paid depends on how many incentives the county met.

The following documents should be utilized by counties for participation in the County Incentives Program.  Any required submissions should be sent to

FY 2020-21 County Incentives Program: Documents and Resources

County Grant Program

The County Grant Program was launched in FY 2014-15.  The program provides one-time funding to counties for projects that meet certain criteria, including the ability to reproduce the success of the project statewide or regionally, improvement of business processes, and/or improvement of the client’s experience.  Questions regarding the County Grant Program can be directed to

The following documents should be utilized by counties for participation in the County Grant Program.  Any required submissions should be sent to

County Communications

The Department releases various communications to counties that contain important information. These communications range from Memos to program information and monthly newsletters.  Use the links below to access communications sent to counties.

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County Director Updates

County Director Updates to directors, PAC and Sub-PAC members one week before each meeting. More information about PAC can be found here.

County Connections Newsletter

News relevant to counties goes out on the 20th of each month. Sign up for County Connections here.

Monthly Notice: Memo Series Communications Issued

Monthly notice of Memo series communications issued goes out on the 5th of each month to County Directors and Deputy/Secondary directors. See all Memo Series Communications here

Helpful Links for Counties

County Funding

County Metrics

Department Publications

HCPF Publications – includes the Department’s annual reports, Governor’s State of Health, and other Department publications, including At A Glance, the Department’s publication which provides information on major initiatives including policy changes and program updates

Training for Counties

  • Staff Development Center – main website for the SDC, which provides training to county users in all CBMS program areas
  • SDC Document Library – the SDC’s primary document library contains all program area training and CBMS build information