Colorado Eligibility Process Improvement Collaborative (CEPIC)

The Colorado Eligibility Process Improvement Collaborative (CEPIC) provides business process analysis and improvement strategies to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of processes within eligibility sites. CEPIC teaches executive leaders and front-line workers process improvement methodologies and guides them in the application of these principles. CEPIC utilizes small-scale plan-do study-act (PDSA) cycles to test and adapt strategies to improve the effectiveness of Medical eligibility processes. Participants achieve success by reviewing their current processes and results, testing, sharing successes and failures with other sites, and spreading improvements. Sites are encouraged to test and adapt changes based on their sites' unique environments in order to spread change to other areas.

What are the goals of CEPIC?

  • Improve processing times
  • Improved quality and efficiency in office processes as a result of solving existing workflow problems
  • Staff trained and proficient with new approaches to problem solving
  • Staff experienced in collaborating across local offices to share successful countermeasures statewide

Who is eligible to participate in CEPIC?

Medical Eligibility Sites

What services are available?

  • Business Process Improvement
  • Training Site visits
  • Conference calls
  • How-to guides
  • Technical assistance and support

How much do the services cost?
Services are free for Medical Eligibility Sites

How can a site participate?
If a site is interested in participating they can contact a member of the Performance Improvement Team for more information.

CEPIC Contact

Performance Improvement Team

Stephanie Romero Nicole Duran-Jones
(303)866-6136 (303)866-5119