Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) State Managed Care

Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) State Managed Care

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This program covers Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) members before they are enrolled in a CHP+ health plan. It also covers CHP+ members in counties where CHP+ health plans do not offer coverage. The state contracts directly with providers to offer CHP+ services. This State Managed Care Network (SMCN) has more than 8,000 medical and behavioral health providers.

Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) is public low-cost health insurance for certain children and pregnant women. It is for people who earn too much to qualify for Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program), but not enough to pay for private health insurance.

Who Qualifies?

Colorado residents who are:

  • Children and youth ages 18 and under
  • Pregnant women over age 19
  • Not eligible for Health First Colorado
  • Living in a financially-qualified family
  • Lawfully residing children and pregnant women with no five year waiting period
  • Refugees and Asylees
  • Not covered under any other insurance

​Benefits and Services

  • Certain diagnostic tests and evaluations
  • Hospital services, surgery and procedures
  • Medical services, including office visits, tests, immunizations

Please view the Member Benefits Booklet for more information.

How Do I Find a Doctor?

Search for a CHP+ State Managed Care doctor or other provider.

What Does It Cost?

Costs vary depending on your family's income. See our main Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) page for details.

How To Apply

See our How To Apply page for application instructions.

For more information contact CHP+ State Managed Care Customer Service at 303-751-9051 or 1-800-803-4494.