Benefits Utilization System (BUS) Updates - Archive

All archived issues and system corrections, performance upgrades and past changes to the Benefits Utilization System (BUS).

Known Issues:

Category Short Description Date Archived Additional Attachments
Log notes and Service Plans Log notes and Service Plans are not updating in the BUS March 18, 2015 Full Description
CIRS CIRS data reported between March 18- August 8 is not found in BUS search ***Resolved See Attachment January 13, 2015 CIRS ID Resolution
DD section Agency administrators unable to unfinalize DD section ***See Attachment January 13, 2015 DD Section Information
Case manager/Client report Case manager/Client report not identifying all clients with open case statuses January 13, 2015  
803 Appeals Function not working in the BUS, producing 500 internal server error January 13, 2015  



Category Short Description Date Archived Additional Attachments
CIRS Restrictive Interventions New question added to CIRS screen May 27, 2015 New question guide
Contingency Plan - Verification Check Box Verification Check Box added to Contingency Plan May 27, 2015  
Medicaid LTC Disclosures Waiver fact sheet check box March 18, 2015  
CIRS screen changes CIRS screen changes to reflect CCT requirements January 13, 2015 CIRS/BUS Screen changes
Additional CIRS screen changes Additional CIRS screen changes and fixes January 13, 2015

Additional CIRS Screen changes

CIRS fixes

Elderly Abuse Law Elderly Abuse law change January 13, 2015  
Contingency Plan/Service Plan 24 hour back-up for critical services interruption January 13, 2015  
Roles and Responsibilities/Service Plan Change in case manager and client roles and responsibilities January 13, 2015  


Rhonda Johnson  - BUS Analyst

Michael Pasillas - CIRS Administrator