Benefits Collaborative Approved Benefits Standards

The following Benefit Coverage Standards have completed the Benefits Collaborative Process, been approved by the State Medicaid Director, and are in effect.

Note: Not all services covered by Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program) appear in the list below. This list represents those services that have been documented through the Benefits Collaborative Process.

Ambulance Services April 2, 2012 Under Review
Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices June 28, 2013 Under Review
Bone Mass Measurement May 3, 2010 Under Review
Disorders of Sex Development (DSD) and Intersex Surgical Remediation August 1, 2012 Under Review
DME Oxygen September 1, 2011 Under Review
Echocardiogram December 22, 2014 December 22, 2017
General Radiography (X-ray) October 18, 2013 October 18, 2016
Pediatric Personal Care Services December 17, 2015 December 17, 2018
School-Based Health Centers August 1, 2012 Under Review
Wheelchair November 13, 2015 November 13, 2018