Why Become a Provider?

Why Medicaid Needs You

As a Medicaid provider, you have the opportunity to improve the health and well-being of more than a million Coloradans.  Medicaid is more than health insurance – it is a vital public service, helping almost one in five Colorado citizens stay healthy or move towards better health.

Medicaid programs serve people in your community:

  • Pregnant women
  • Low income children and adults
  • Elderly and people with disabilities

Continuity of care for your patients:

  • Public health programs are where families turn for health care when faced with unemployment or loss of employer-based health coverage.
  • Enrolling in Medicaid allows you to keep serving your existing patients during changing times.
  • Serving both commercial insurance and Medicaid means you can serve your families who have mixed health insurance coverage (e.g. children on Medicaid and parents on private coverage).

Key Medicaid Provider Benefits

We pay fast

  • Last year, Colorado Medicaid paid 87% of 3.8 million claims per month in eight calendar days - faster than most private payers!
  • Claims are paid weekly and deposited directly into your business account.

You are in control

  • As a Medicaid provider you have full control of the number of Medicaid patients you see.
  • You can choose whether or not your practice is published in our online Provider Directory.

Incentive Programs and Provider Support

To find out more about becoming a Medicaid provider, watch the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing's brief 10-minute webinar hosted by the Department's Chief Medical Office, Dr. Judy Zerzan.

"Predictability is huge! In a practice, efficiency is all about scheduling time. Medicaid is quite clear about what is covered and what is not so we actually spend less time supporting claims and more time with our patients."
- Tamaan Osbourne-Roberts M.D. Colorado Family Physician