Accountable Care Collaborative Deliverables

One of the objectives of the Accountable Care Collaborative is to ensure greater accountability and transparency. To meet this objective, the Department is publicly posting some of the Deliverables submitted by the Regional Accountable Entities (RAEs).


Deliverables are one of the primary tools the Department uses to effectively manage and monitor its vendors. Deliverables are documents and information submitted by RAEs that can include descriptions of policies and procedures, plans to comply with contract requirements, and data or reports showing how the RAE is meeting contract requirements. In some cases, the RAEs must publish information – such as a Governance Plan - on their respective websites to support transparency, links to those required materials are provided in the bottom section of this page.

The RAE deliverables that are available on this site are:

  • Network Adequacy Plan—Describes the RAE’s strategy to ensure members can access services and to comply with federal and contracted network access and adequacy requirements. The Plan provides specific details on how both the RAEs’ Primary Care Medical Providers and specialty behavioral health provider networks meet the contracted access and adequacy standards.  
  • Network Adequacy Quarterly Reports—Includes both a narrative report and an excel file with detailed information about the ability of the RAE’s Primary Care Medical Provider network and Specialty Behavioral Health network to serve their members.
  • Practice Support Plan—Description of the RAEs’ strategies to provide a range of resources and services to support network providers in improving the delivery of care and advancing practice capabilities.
  • Administrative Payment Report—Provides information regarding the different payment arrangements the RAEs have in place with network providers and Health Neighborhood participants, as well as a description of how the RAE is implementing value-based payment strategies with its providers.
  • Quality Improvement Plan—The RAE’s annual strategy to implement a comprehensive quality assessment and performance improvement program in compliance with federal regulations and in alignment with the Department’s quality strategy.