Rx Review Program


RX Review is similar to a medication therapy management program, designed to help members better manage their drugs and avoid the serious risks of consuming medications incorrectly. By meeting with a pharmacists, many participants see the following benefits

  • Medication recommendations
    • Pharmacists are more engaged with the latest pharmaceutical developments and more well-versed with the latest research in the drug market
  • More knowledge about the medications
    • Understand how they address your symptoms
    • What happens when you miss or take the wrong dose
  • Suggestions for vitamins and alternative therapies that can help you feel better
  • Clarification on how to take your medications
  • Potentially reduce or increase medications depending on your current routine
  • Increased knowledge about pharmacists and how you can depend on them as your resource
  • Suggestions for how to get the most out of your local pharmacy experience
  • Action plans for improving your health concerns
  • Discussion points for your next appointment with your doctor

RX Review Process

How this Works

You or a loved one that qualified for this program will be meeting with an RX Review Pharmacists. These pharmacists are well-trained in advising patients about medications and addressing any concerns you may have. If you qualify for this program, you should receive a letter that outlines the basics of this program. Within 10 days of receiving this letter, a pharmacist will contact you to set up an appointment. The pharmacist should be identify themselves as an RX Review pharmacist and ask some preliminary questions. Once you feel comfortable you can agree to a meeting, either in person or over the phone.

At the meeting

Either over the phone or in person, you should begin by going over your current health concerns and your medication history. The pharmacist is trying to understand what medications are working well for you, and how well you understand what they do. They will go through each medication you take and break it down piece by piece. At the end of the hour, they will help you design an action plan and make suggestions for how you can improve your health outcomes and medication routine. You should ask any questions that come to mind and address any concerns you have.

What happens after

The pharmacist will type up a letter that summarizes your conversation and the recommendations they make. This letter will get sent to you and the doctors you identified. We ask that you schedule an appointment with your doctor to talk about these suggestions. If your doctor or you have any questions, you can direct them towards the program manager. The pharmacists is only making recommendations, and you will make the final decision with your doctor.

Why RX Review Pharmacists and not mine?

An RX Review pharmacist has received specialized MTM training that makes them qualified to provide these services to you. Your doctors may not know the most up-to date information or be well-versed on medication side-effects. You can imagine this is a medication specialist, just like you would go to a heart or brain specialist. Your usual pharmacists may not be participating in this specific program, and thus not know all the expectations or deliverables we expect from this program. While they are certainly a great resource for helping you with general questions, we ask that you trust our RX Review pharmacists to help start your medication management process.

My doctor doesn’t know about this?

This letter was sent to you directly. If we believe you are a high priority for this program, then we will follow up with your doctor or care coordinator to ask you to participate in this program. There is a chance that your doctor didn’t hear about this program, but they are more than welcome to reach out to the program coordinator to get more information and get their questions answered.

Why me?

We believe you could benefit from this program based on claims data we received. This isn’t bad, nor will this bring any barriers into future access to care. The purpose is to provide another resource to help you improve your knowledge surrounding your medications and your overall health.

Who else is doing this?

All private insurances and Medicare have their versions of MTM programs that are offered to their members. We are trying to offer you the same kind of resources.

MTM Toolkit: Use these resources to help with follow-up for your consults or for a family member.

Having a medication list is really helpful in case of a medical emergency, so your family members and healthcare professionals can continue your medications. It can also help you track your medical progress and have an organized conversation with your doctors


RX Review Program At A Glance