8.765 Residential Child Care Facilities (RCCFs) and Psychiatric Residential Facilities (PRTFs)

Regulatory Efficiency Review of RCCF and PRTF Rules

HCPF is convening stakeholders to review the rules for RCCFs and PRTFs as part of the 2016 Regulatory Efficiency Review process. This review process will include the subsections of 8.765.

8.765 Services for Clients in PRTFs or Residing in RCCCFs as Defined Below

  • 8.765.1 Definitions
  • 8.765.2 PRTF Benefit
  • 8.765.3 PRTF Non-Benefit
  • 8.765.4 PRTF Client Eligibility
  • 8.765.5 PRTF Provider Eligibility
  • 8.765.6 PRTF Provider Responsibilities
  • 8.765.7 Reimbursement for PRTFs
  • 8.765.8 Mental Health Benefits for Clients in an RCCF
  • 8.765.9 Non-Covered Benefits for Clients in an RCCF
  • 8.765.10 Client Eligibility for Mental Health Service in an TRCCF
  • 8.765.11 Eligibility for Providers Delivering Services in an RCCF
  • 8.765.12 RCCF Responsibilities
  • 8.765.13 Reimbursement for Mental Health Services in a TRCCF

To submit feedback on the RCCF and PRTF Rule, email a completed public contact input form and submit it with a copy of the rule marked with proposed changes and comments to PRTFRCCF@state.co.us.