8.550 Hospice Benefit

The Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (Department) is required by Executive Order D 2012-002 (EO2), as codified at Section 24.4-4-103.3 CRS (2014), to review rules to ensure that they are effective, efficient, and essential. The EO2 order also requires that state agencies provide an appropriate opportunity for public input. The Department would like to involve stakeholders in the drafting process of the Home Health Services rule that may be re-written to incorporate their perspectives and ideas where possible. The actual re-write of the rules will be conducted at a later date. The Department will also accept public comment through August, 2016.

Current Rule 8.550 Hospice Benefit

To submit feedback on the Home Health Services Rule, email a completed copy of the rule marked with proposed changes and comments to HomeHealth@State.co.us

Comments can be mailed to:

Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing
Attention Health Programs Office - Benefits Section
1570 Grant Street
Denver, CO 80203

Comments received must include the following identifying information:

  • Commenter’s name
  • Organization commenter is representing
  • Email address of the commenter
  • Phone number of the commenter