2020 Memo Series Communications

2020 Policy Memos

Policy Memo – anything that changes Departmental policy because of the federal and/or state legislation, rules or regulations promulgated as a result of previous federal and/or state legislation, rules, regulations, policies, or procedures. A Policy Memo can interpret and provide further guidance to previously promulgated regulations.

2020 Policy Memos
Memo # Memo Title Issue Date Audience Keywords Links & Attachments
PM 20-001 Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Address Confidentiality Program Guidance During EVV Soft Launch 1/22/2020 Stakeholders Electronic Visit Verification, EVV, Address Confidentiality, Cures Act, Personal Care, Home Health None

2020 Operational Memos

Operational Memo – detailed instructions and/or clarifications to contracted entities and county partners to operationalize a new or existing state and/or federal law, new or existing state and/or federal rule, or Department policy.

2020 Operational Memos
Memo # Memo Title Issue Date Audience Keywords Links & Attachments
OM 20-011 Implementation of the FY 2019-20 Cybersecurity Incentive Reporting Period 2 2/19/2020 County Departments of Human/Social Services


Incentives, Cybersecurity, 2019-20, County Incentives Program



Cybersecurity FAQ

Option 2 Risk Assessment and Remediation Plan

Option 2, 3, WMS Risk Assessment & Remediation Plan

OM 20-010 Single Entry Point (SEP) Rates 2/20/2020 Single Entry Point Agencies SEP Rates Colorado County Designation, 2018-Colorado Rural Health Center

OM 20-009

Implementation of the FY 2019-20 Food Security Incentive 2/3/2020 County Departments of Human/Social Services Food Security, SNAP, EBNE, Incentives, Performance

Food Security Data

SNAP Individual Report FAQ

OM 20-008 Guidance on Incontinence Items Available Through Early Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment (EPSDT), Durable Medical Equipment (DME), or Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Waivers 1/30/2020 Case Management Agencies, Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Providers, and Stakeholders HCBS, CES, SLS, SS, SME, EPSDT, Wipes, Diapers, Incontinence None
OM 20-007 SB 19-238 Compensation Increase for Home Care Professional Notification 1/28/2020 Home Care Agencies SB19-238, Home Care Agencies, Personal Care, Homemaker

Compensation Increase for Home Care Professionals Letter

Senate Bill 19-238

OM 20-006 Updated Guidance to Contractors on Reporting Suspected Provider Fraud 1/28/2020 Contractors Provider Fraud, Fraud Reporting, Program Integrity, Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, Contractor Contractor Suspected Fraud Written Notice Form
OM 20-005 Updates: Non-Medical Transportation Public Transportation Benefit 1/21/2020 Stakeholders and Case Managers NMT, Public Transportation, RTD, Bus Passes None
OM 20-004 Work Number Verification and Related Expenditures for Medical Assistance-Only 1/17/2020 Counties Work Number, Verification, Funding, Medical Assistance-Only None
OM 20-003 Division of Housing Inspections for Host Homes and Provider Owned or Leased Settings 1/17/2020 Program Approved Service Agencies (PASA's) Division of Housing, Individual Residential Services and Supports, Inspection Requests Inspection Request Excel Spreadsheet
OM 20-002 2020 Increase to Resource Limits-Medicare Savings Program and Low-Income Subsidy 1/14/2020 Eligibility Sites 2020 Increase to Resource Limits None
OM 20-001 Treatment of Income of Live-In Care Providers Who Are Being Paid Difficulty of Care Payments 1/9/2020 Eligibility Sites To Communicate to Eligibility Sites on How to Treat a Difficulty of Care Payment for MAGI and Non-MAGI Programs None

2020 Informational Memos

Informational Memo – important information for contracted entities, county partners and external stakeholders that is strictly informational and timely.

2020 Informational Memos
Memo # Memo Title Issue Date Audience Keywords Attachments
IM 20-013 Appeals Navigation Information Session 2/25/2020 Stakeholders Appeals, Appeals Navigation, Fee-For-Service, Benefits, State Plan Benefits, Member Information, Hearing Stakeholders, Meeting Notice None
IM 20-012 Children's Habilitation Residential Program (CHRP) Waiver Revision 2/24/2020 Stakeholders Children's Habilitation Residential Program (CHRP), Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Children, Stakeholders, Rules, Waiver Amendment 8.508 CHRP Proposed Rule Revisions
IM 20-011 Disability Trust Rule Update Information Meeting 2/20/2020 Stakeholders Disability Trust, Meeting Notice None
IM 20-010 Public Notice for DD Waiver Amendment 2/7/2020 Stakeholders Public Notice, Waiver, Amendment, DD None
IM 20-009 Waiver Transition Services and the Service Plan Authorization Limit 2/5/2020 Members, Families, Guardians, Advocates, Providers, and other Stakeholders SPAL, Waiver Transition Services, SLS None
IM 20-008 County Grant Program Targeted Grants 2/5/2020 county Departments of Human/Social Services County Grants, Targeted Grant, Quality, Performance, Outcomes None
IM 20-007 HCBS Settings Final Rule - Updated Milestones 2/3/2020 Waiver Participants, Advocates, Case Management Agencies, and Providers Home-And Community-Based Services, HCBS, HCBS Settings Final Rule, Milestones, Schedule Milestones Update II
IM 20-006 Public Notice for Waiver Amendments and Renewals 1/31/2020 Stakeholders Public Notice, Waiver, Amendment, Renewal, HCBS, BI, CES, CHCBS, CHRP, CLLI, CMHS, EDB, SCI, SLS None
IM 20-005 Home Accessibility Adaptations Process and Billing Updates for CES and SLS Waivers 1/30/2020 Providers & Case Managers Home Accessibility Adaptations, Home Modifications None
IM 20-004 Single Entry Point (SEP) Request for Proposal (RFP) Awardee Status Update 1/17/2020 Stakeholders SEP RFP, Single Entry Point, Request for Proposal, Award None
IM 20-003 SB 19-238 Training Advisory Committee Recommendations 1/8/2020 Stakeholders SB 19-238, Stakeholder Group, Home Care Workers, Personal Care Training Advisory Committee Final Report
IM 20-002 Colorado Choice Transitions (CCT) Program Timelines 1/6/2020 Stakeholders CCT, Colorado Choice Transitions, Transition Services, Discharge, Transition, Transition Coordination Agency, TCA None
IM 20-001 Single Entry Point (SEP) Request for Proposal (RFP) Status Update 1/3/2020 Stakeholders Single Entry Point, SEP, Request for Proposal, RFP None