2005 Agency Letters

Agency Letter Number Subject Area Subject Synopsis Issue Date Attachment
05-001 Medical Assistance

Medicare buy-in data requirements

Advise county departments of Social/Human Services of the data elements and verification required to facilitate state payment of Medicare part A and/or B premiums on behalf of eligible clients

05-007 Medicaid Eligibility

Emergency Medicaid for undocumented immigrants

Define the processes and policies around proper determination of emergency Medicaid services for Colorado's undocumented immigrants

05-009 Medicare Part D

Background information regarding medicare part D

Provide counties with information regarding the Medicare part D prescription drug benefit that will become effective January 1, 2006

05-010 Medicare Part D

Low income subsidy application

Advise counties of the new low-income subsidy available under Medicare part D, the new prescription drug benefit

05-012 Continuance of Medicaid Benefits throughout a disability determination appeal to Social Security Administration

Revision to the medical assistance eligibility and recipient appeals rules

Advise county departments of Social/Human Services and medical assistance sites of the revision to the Medical Assistance Eligibility and Recipient Appeals Rules