Resume Types

Resume Types

There are generally two types of resumes. A chronological resume lists the jobs you have had with dates and employment duties. A functional resume describes your skills, abilities and accomplishments that relate to the job you are applying for. Employment history is less detailed in a functional resume. Many people successfully blend the two types. If you need some help in creating a resume, visit a Youth Specialist at your nearest Workforce Center.

You might think you have very few job skills. But the fact is, by attending school, volunteering or even having a hobby you have learned valuable skills that will help you get and keep a job. The key is discovering your skills and how you learned them.

Transferable skills are those skills we learn in everyday life and can use when we go to work. Research shows that employers are looking for people who:

  • Try to do their work well
  • Set priorities
  • Work well under pressure
  • Can solve problems
  • Can make decisions
  • Work well with others
  • Can communicate well with others
  • Know how to learn

Employers hire for attitude and train for experience. The research shows that 87.5% of entry level employees got their job because they had these qualities. Only 12% are hired and retained because of specific skills. You’ve gained a wealth of skills just in going to school, having friends and working with others. Now it’s time to recognize those skills and put them to use in finding a job.