Keep your Job

asian girl seller in the coffee shop

Okay, you got the job. Congratulations! Here are some tips on how to keep it.

  • Your first responsibility is to be on time.
  • Work hard and complete your assignments to the best of your ability. It's up to you to show your worth.
  • Listen carefully to instructions and ask questions if you don't understand.
  • Watch and learn how things operate and then follow the rules.
  • Show initiative and don't always wait for someone to tell you what to do. Before you start looking for something else to do, make sure you have finished your assigned tasks.
  • Keep a positive attitude. Your attitude is the single most important factor to affect job success.
  • Show respect to your supervisor and be polite to those around you.
  • Don't assume you know more than the people you work with.
  • Work at making friends and not enemies. You may not like all the people you work with, but the bottom line is that you still have to work with them.
  • Never say anything or agree with anything negative about anyone.
  • Be friendly but don't form close ties with co-workers who complain or are negative.
  • Be willing to accept constructive criticism. When you make a mistake, acknowledge it, take it seriously, and correct it as soon as possible. Show that you can learn from your mistakes.
  • Jump at the chance to learn new things.
  • Don't make or take personal phone calls during your work hours unless it is truly necessary.