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Questions about Pacific

Q: Can my entity install a Drupal module for our Minisite?
A: No. Colorado Interactive determines which of Drupal's modules are installed to enhance the platform. You can suggest inclusions by filling out a feature request form.

Q: Which browsers are supported?
A: We strongly recommend editing your Pacific site using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. You can view a current list of supported browsers on the Colorado.gov website.

Q: Is there a staging area for content to reside prior to being promoted to production?
A: No, the editing interface is within the live site. All content can be published and unpublished instantly and individually. Unpublished content can be saved to see how it will look when published, allowing your web team to preview content before making it live for end users.

Q: Can I do payment processing through Pacific?
A: Please submit SIPA's service request form if you are interested in initiating a PayPort project. You can easily create links or buttons to your PayPort within Pacific.

Q: Can I create content that displays across multiple Minisites?
A: Yes, all users can associate content with any Minisites to which they are provisioned.

Q: Can I create a webform on my Minisite?
A: Watch the webform training video to learn how to create surveys, contact forms, and other webforms using Pacific. Please note that no personally identifiable information should be collected with Pacific webforms.

Q: Can I change the icons or default titles on homepage blocks?
A: No, users cannot change the icons or titles on homepage blocks. The exception is featured text area and custom blocks, which both have customizable titles.

Q: Can I implement blocks on pages other than the homepage?
A: No, blocks are currently limited to the homepage.

Q: Is Pacific 508 compliant?
A: CI is committed to making the Pacific platform accessible to all users. Learn about accessibility features that were already implemented. Other accessibility features will be added to the platform as they are identified. Entity web teams need to do their part to keep their site content compliant, such as having links open in the same tab, using alternative text on all images, and using heading tags when appropriate.

Questions about FastTrack Projects

Q: How soon after submitting my request will my project begin?
A: The Statewide Internet Portal Authority (SIPA) will contact you after you submit your website request and will have more information about how long it will take for your request to reach the beginning of the queue. You can expedite the process by being ready to go when a CI project manager contacts you to begin your project; complete the self-study training curriculum, conduct a site audit, and plan your site navigation and content in advance.

Q: Will CI launch my site early if it is ready before 90 days?
A: Absolutely! CI typically launches new sites on Tuesday evenings, and you must let your project manager know what date you want to go live a minimum of two weeks in advance. 

Q: How can I get a site banner or stock images for my site?
A: Design services are outside the scope of FastTrack projects. If you do not have access to photo editing software, we recommend using pixlr.com for your site banner. You can access stock images at www.stockvault.net.

Q: How can I get help using Pacific?
A: Full trainings are outside the scope of FastTrack projects. If you need help beyond what is available in the self-study training curriculum, please sign up for a Pacific help session. You must sign up at least 24 hours in advance to ensure the help session is adequately staffed. Please have specific questions in mind before you attend.