November 2018 Voting Information - Gallagher

Foothills Fire Protection District is conducting an election in November 2018 to seek voter approval to float its mill levy in order to offset decreases in the residential assessment rate required by the Gallagher Amendment. If the initiative passes, it would allow our district to maintain the level of property tax revenues it would otherwise lose as a result of the Gallagher Amendment’s future reductions in the residential assessment rate. In addition, in order to avoid collecting too much tax revenue, the Foothills Protection Fire District would reduce its mill levy should the Gallagher Amendment ever require the residential assessment rate to be increased. (You may hear this concept called "de-Gallagherizing.")  De-Gallagherizing would NOT increase your taxes, unless the residential assessment rate decreases, and then taxes will only rise to allow Foothills Fire Protection District to maintain the same level of tax revenues as had been allowed in prior years. The savings a household would otherwise see on their tax bill due to the Gallagher amendment would be invested in the fire district. The goal is to stabilize revenues so that future changes in the residential assessment rate allow the district to proportionally adjust its mill levy so that the equivalent level of taxes will be collected each year. The revenue stabilization is critical to Foothills Fire Protection District and its ability to maintain current service levels and response times; retain and recruit the highest quality of emergency responders; and maintain and replace apparatus, equipment and facilities as necessary. 

Passage of this ballot question will result in the ratio of residential-to-commercial property taxation within the Foothills Fire Protection District varying from the constitutionally proscribed 45/55 split.

Information on the Gallagher Amendment is available below:

The letter to residents from Foothills Fire Protection District regarding this issue is shown below: