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Foothills Fire & Rescue is a combination department comprised of full-time and volunteer firefighters. It is our philosophy that whether you are a volunteer or career firefighter, the tasks are the same, as the department takes its responsibility toward public safety and professional services very seriously.

The department accepts applications year-round. Firefighter Academy for Volunteers begins in late August, with graduation typically the first week of June. Full-time positions are typically filled from within our volunteer firefighter ranks. Download a sample Firefighter Academy training schedule.

As a volunteer member of Foothills Fire & Rescue, you will have the honor of serving your community in emergency situations. Additionally, all members have the opportunity to meet and work with other highly trained, motivated and enthusiastic volunteers, and interact with numerous local, state and national fire and rescue organizations.

For additional information, contact Recruitment Coordinator, Pati Stajcar, at

We are now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 Firefighter Academy!

Recruitment Information

Department Overview

Foothills Fire & Rescue has been in existence since January 1, 1997. The district was formed by the combination of the Lookout Mountain, Ideldale and Mount Vernon Fire Departments. The current department operates out of five stations: Lookout Mountain, Rainbow Hills, Mount Vernon, Grapevine and Ideldale.  We provide fire suppression, vehicle rescue, technical rescue, and emergency medical services (in conjunction with Highland Rescue Team Ambulance Service) to residential, commercial, wildland and highway exposures to a roughly 25-square-mile area in central-western Jefferson County. Additionally, we provide assistance to neighboring fire departments such as Pleasant View, Genesee, Golden and Evergreen. On average, we have approximately 40 volunteer firefighters in our membership.

Benefits to Our Volunteers

  • Participation in department and community functions held annually
  • Fire and rescue related training opportunities provided at no cost to the membership
  • Pension benefits upon reaching age 62 and after completing 10 years of active service
  • Worker's compensation coverage while training and performing fire fighting duties
  • Medical, disability and life insurance coverage if injuries or death occurs while training or performing fire fighting duties.

Criteria for Membership

Application for membership requires:

  • Residence within the boundaries of the Foothills Fire Protection District
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Good health and good physical condition
  • No felony convictions
  • Valid driver's license and automobile insurance
  • Legal resident status in the United States.

If you are accepted as a volunteer member of the department, you will be a trainee member until you successfully complete:

  • A state-certified Firefighter I Academy
  • An eight-hour cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) course
  • An Emergency Medical Responder or Emergency Medical Technician basic certification course
  • A Hazardous Materials Operations certification course
  • Wildland S 130/180/190 courses
  • Approval for active membership by the Foothills Fire & Rescue Chief after a thorough background check
  • Participation in at least 25 calls
  • Recommendation from an officer and two firefighters.

Once you have attained active membership status, you must maintain it by:

  • Participating in a minimum of 36 hours of training annually
  • Completing a minimum of 36 shift hours per month
  • Participating in various department events
  • Carrying a department-provided radio in order to receive emergency alarms
  • Keeping all certifications current  by attending required training.


Upon acceptance as a volunteer member you will be provided a pager and personal protective equipment (PPE), for responding to calls. Pagers and PPE are the property of the department and must be returned should you no longer be an active member of Foothills Fire & Rescue. Standard PPE includes a structural helmet, bunker pants, coat and boots, a nomex hood and gloves. Additional PPE may be provided as necessary.

Application Process

Once you submit your application, it will be reviewed by the Foothills Fire & Rescue Chief for approval. Additionally, a background investigation and a physical exam will be required. When you sign and submit this application, you are authorizing Foothills Fire & Rescue to obtain a consumer report about your criminal, driving, credit, education and employment history in order to properly evaluate your application for volunteer membership.

A response to your application for membership will be made to you verbally prior to the beginning of the next Firefighter Academy.