Fire Prevention & Service Fees

Fire Inspector - Brian Zoril
Please call Foothills Fire Chief Brian Zoril at (303) 526-0707, or email him at for more information about Fire Prevention, Inspections and/or Permitting.

Fire Marshal - Frank Dearborn, Evergreen Fire/Rescue
Foothills Fire & Rescue has contracted with Evergreen Fire/Rescue to provide Fire Marshal services to the district. Please call Frank Dearborn at (303) 674-3145, option 4 or email him at for fire code requirements.


Service Fees

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FFPD ISO Rating - 3

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating is applied to many fire departments approximately every 10 years. The purpose of the rating is to aid in setting fire insurance rates. ISO reviews equipment, personnel, training, water supplies and other items of public fire protection that have a significant effect on minimizing fire damage. In general, as fire departments improve, their ISO ratings decrease. Foothills Fire & Rescue's ISO rating is 3 out of 10.

Read more detailed information about ISO ratings.

Specific questions regarding the rating can be directed to your insurance agent, broker, or the State Board of Insurance.

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