Tree City USA

The City of Florence is proud to be celebrating its 33rd year as a Tree City USA community.  The tree committee was created by City Ordinance and meets monthly at City Hall. Florence is proud of its urban shade canopy and diverse range of tree types and is working hard to maintain existing trees and plant many new ones.  Old age and changing climates have recently caused numerous trees to die off, and the City is ambitious with its tree maintenance efforts as well as partnering with the Colorado Tree Coalition (CTC) for grants and technical advice.  If you have questions about dangerous or unsafe trees contact City Hall at 719-784-4848.  


The City of Florence would like to extend our gratitude to Earl Perry and Mission Ready Tree Service for their time and commitment to our community. Earl is a certified arborist and continuously donates hours of consultation and expert training to the City, assisting us in our tree trimming and resulting in safer trees in our community.  

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