FRECOM Dispatch and Communications

FRECOM Dispatch and Communications-

Director-Bill Duggan 

Supervisor-Tammi Grisenti

Although people are not generally aware of the pressures and duties of the Emergency Dispatcher, one thing is certain: no department, fire or police, can function without a talented, patient, and highly trained staff of professional dispatchers.  While dealing with dozens or hundreds of mundane calls a day, they must also be ready to take the life-or-death call that could come at any minute.  They must keep an eye on the Police Officers, Fire Fighters and EMT's on duty.  The lives of Officers and citizens alike depend on the organization and wisdom of the Dispatcher.  Every word that is spoken is recorded and may be later scrutinized for any hint of imperfection.  It is important to note that the vast majority of investigations show no fault on the part of dispatchers. 

  • Dispatchers are responsible for all incoming phone calls, radio traffic with numerous officers, running warrant and license plate checks, helping citizens who come into the lobby, assisting neighboring law enforcement agencies, handling requests from the Chief of Police, and innumerable pieces of paper generated by administrative tasks to numerous to mention. 
  • At times, citizens may feel that a dispatcher is rude or curt with them, but the truth is, the dispatcher must occasionally be businesslike or "direct" with a caller in order to handle other, more urgent tasks.  Even though you may not get the answer you want to hear, it's their job to prioritize the matters at hand. 
  • If you should happen to call "911 by accident, please do not hang up - stay on the line and talk to the dispatcher.  If you don't, you'll be getting a visit from a Police Officer, and you'll have to explain yourself. 
  • Please do not call the police department for a phone number - we have the same phone book you do.  Call "411" for that. 
  • Dispatch relocated in 2012 to Canon City, but still serves the city of Florence.